There are various ways in which you can help us.

Donation of goods:

We still need donations of good condition clothing and toys to sell at Bazaars, the proceeds being spent on the children. If you are able to help us then please contact Bianca Münster of the comittee.

Monetary donations:

Donation account in Germany:

  Verein ein Stern für Lombok e. V.
  Volksbank Mittelhessen eG
  Konto (Acc. No.)             708 778 05
  Bankleitzahl (Bank Code)     513 900 00
  Verwendungszweck (Reason for Transfer): Spende/Donation

Donation account in Switzerland:

  Nadja Groelly
  Bank Coop AG
  4018 Basel
  Kto. (Acc. No.)    2554.5144.2001
  IBAN: (Bank Code)  CH46 0844 0255 4514 4200 1
  Verwendungszweck (Reason for Transfer): Spende/Donation Stern für Lombok e.V.

Donations per PayPal

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